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The ability to expose the company to the target audience anywhere, anytime and on any device


Our company offers a wide range of services that wrap together the customer and give him peace and security business as a whole full service ongoing management of activity on the Internet

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Advertising in YOUTUBE

And content consumption platform for the world’s largest video . According to Google Israel has over 4.2 million users of YouTube Bisral.iotiob offers advertisers a variety of possible publication so that everyone can choose the most appropriate type of advertising budget level and campaign purposes.

Statistics on the YouTube video :

Death of views and shares were the video, you can segment your target market and accurately targeted advertising to be effective it is impossible to know what percentage of users watched the video until a few seconds of video watched. You can perform a video optimization and promotion based on keywords most common publishing business owners is the advertising enables the advertisements to appear before the requested video starts playing. Payment for advertising is considered an affordable and cheapest is performed only if a visitor is watched by more than five seconds of advertising Another possibility is the emergence of the video display ads related videos View surfer. Thanks to the strategic cooperation between YouTube, Google partnering sites, your advertisements will enjoy Mrimrkting (remarketing) and thus improving conversion rates


Re-marketing has become the number one strategic tool for digital marketing in new media Re-marketing allows us to expose their products , sites , brand , operations or anything we want visitors who have already visited our website . For the purpose of illustration and explanation and to understand how important it is to use this tool ,

How does re marketing work? 

Imagine if you enter into a clothing store and try on a nice shirt, but for various reasons  you decided not to buy it.
You went to the store and from that moment something amazing happened, everywhere you walked advertisement appeared in the same shirt you liked and didn’t buy.
What do you think will happen ? Will you buy the shirt at the end ?
Re-marketing monitors clients and monitors the information and thus helps us to produce lists of our target audience segmentation.
Hrimrkting can focus a great deal of types of audiences. For example, acquisitions carried out on-site visits , visitors viewing a particular product and so on.
After we broke down the target audience and build targeted ads that we offer to our audience exactly what he wanted !


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