How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

How to Install a WordPress Plugin?

Publish in: WordPress How to | 01/2016
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So we have installed WordPress and now we need to add some more WordPress Plugins to our site, so how do we do it? how can we install a new plugin on our WordPress site?

The answer is very simple, there are view ways for that:

Install a WordPress plugin using admin panel online search option

This option is the recommended way for installing WordPress Plugins, it is very simple and you can always be sure you will get the last version of the plugin.

Step By Step for installing WordPress plugin using Admin Panel search option:

  1. login to your WordPress
  2. click on Plugins -> Add New

    WordPress Add new plugin
    Show how to Add new plugin in WordPress
  3. in the search box enter the name of the plugin you need to install,
    if you don’t know the name or just like to see what WordPress Plugins there are

    WordPress Search a plugin
    Show how to Search a plugin in WordPress
  4. once you find the Plugin you need, click on “install now”
    you may also view the details of the plugin, like “plugin description”, “reviews” etc.
    the plugin will be installed,

    WordPress Activate new plugin
    How to Activate new plugin in WordPress
  5. in the new screen, click on the “activate plugin” link.

Install WordPress Plugin using admin panel as ZIP upload option

some send you a plugin? or you bought a plugin and got it in zip format and need to install it now?

to install a WordPress plugin that as zip – follow these steps

  1. login to your WordPress
  2. click on Plugins -> Add New
  3. click on Browse

    WordPress uplaod new plugin as zip
    WordPress uplaod new plugin as zip
  4. browse to your local directory where you saved the zip file of the plugin
  5. click open
  6. click on install now
  7. once it is installed – click “activate plugin”

Install WordPress Plugin via FTP

ok so you got a WordPress plugin and a zip or not and you need to upload it to your site…

  1. if the plugin is zip file, unzip it first.
  2. connect via FTP to your site
  3. browse to wp-content/plugins
  4. upload the your local plugin directory to the server plugins directory
  5. once it is finish uploading login to you WordPress
  6. click Plugins
  7. you will see the new uploaded plugin in the list – active it.

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